Bloggers and Groups I Follow for Submissions and More

Authors Publish: This site is one of my most valuable email subscriptions.  I check out every post because they really have their pulse on what markets are opening.  Always timely and exciting to see their email in my inbox.  If you are a creative writer in ANY genre, you want to subscribe to Authors Publish.

Horror Tree: This is the best site tracking the horror/fantasy/ science fiction market!  The wonderful Lionel Ray Green introduced me to this one. This is my primary source for my North Alabama Writers' Group Calls for Submissions series I do each month.  While I get more open calls and insight from Author Publish, deadline oriented things as well as calls tailored to my genre mostly come from Horror Tree.

The Masters Review: This source provides some upcoming workshops along with Literary Magazines call for submissions and contest's call for submission.  While well organized, the site only provides middle of the road content for my current purposes.  I don't know enough about the workshops without further research to know if they are worth the coin, and most of the contests/calls for submission have an entry fee.  While I waffle on submission fees, I know my current status isn't one where paying to enter seems to make sense.  Still, I like keeping up to date even if I won't be using the information directly.

Perpetual Motion Publishing: these guys are more general community updates, but I've got a few really great calls for submission from their newsletters before.  They also send drabbles.  Their publishing arm is Dark Moon Digest

Publishing....And Other Forms of Insanity: Very informative and all encompassing.  Excellent resource for agents, calls for submission, writing conferences, and contests.  Side note, I really like her layout. Also, our twitter circles seem to be very close

Reedsy: This site is meant to help writers find artists, editors, and other services that lead toward publication.  It's not a part of my process I'm ready to study too deeply, though I think they'll be an amazing resource when I come closer to that date.  Right now I used them for writing prompts and information on magazines looking for submissions as well as open writing contests.  They have more calls than anyone could look through.

Scifi Monkeys:  Watching this group evolve and find their purpose has been an eye opening ride. I started following for the open call for submissions and I kept following for reviews and some of the silly they offer.  It's a cute site that's still playing with their voice.

Submittable: Besides using to submit work, this site has a "discovery" tab that I use to search for potential gigs.  It's rare relative to my other methods that I find good leads, but still possible

*BONUS* The Submission Grinder: This one is too overwhelming for me to troll through most days, even with all their settings, but if you're looking for the MOST publication opportunities along with the chances you'll be selected, the pay, and any other detail you might wonder.  This is the search engine for you.

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