Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday Metrics

If you are new, today is all about the numbers, not about my plans.   See the action plans I’m using to earn these numbers in previous posts.  Last Week’s 6 week Review!  and 8 Steps I’m Taking on Twitter.   

Twitter Analytics
I’ve been active on Twitter for 65 days. In the last 28 days I’ve had 330 posts, 509 profile visits, 116 mentions, and 63 new follows.  

Conversion based on profile views is 12%.  I’m down one point, but since I was on vacation last week and rarely online, I expected all my metrics to drop.

My engagement is 2.5%. On Tues, Wed, and Thurs I spent about 40 minutes on Twitter.  Thursday most of my time was pushing through feeds to make sure I had planned posts through Sunday, not on replying to others.  I never even looked at Twitter on Fri, Sat, and very little on Sunday.  Can’t engage if you’re not present.

 post about 12 times a day.  I plan five posts and the others of responses or impromptu promotions.  I am trying to add more links and references to my blog and the NAWG blog.  Progress is slow and my visit results are not encouraging 😒

Wed and Fri both got over 3,000 views.  My low days are Monday and Tuesday with 1,500-ish views.  I need to make a graph of the day(s) of the week I get the most views.  10 weeks seems like enough time to spot a pattern.

There are no standout Tweets this week.  A few hits the 800-900 views, but none of them broke records. I think I’m getting the hang of keeping consistent audience attention instead of having single stand out posts

Blog Stats

I got 38 views last week spread across 5 posts.  I neglected the blog while on vacation.  I didn‘t promote my Saturday post “My Complicated Past With Writing Prompts” on either Facebook or Twitter and this shows self promotion changes the numbers

The North Alabama Writers’ Group blog has 14 views this past week.  My goal with this blog was to build a following, and it seems like we have a few people who arrive no matter how much I promote the blog.  I had an auto scheduled post that dropped while I was traveling.  No one checked it out, but Tuesday, I’ll start its promotion.  It’s the next in my Kindle Unlimited Series, where I explore all the great things in “Dragon Ridden Chronicles”.

So talk to me!  How do you keep your social presence when you go on vacation?  Do you see a change in your numbers during that time?  What are your numbers?  What’s your social media strategy?  Are you counting anything else in your life and what does success look like?

Still need a number fix?  Compare this week to last week Oct 15th  or go back further to Oct 9thOct 1st Sept 24th, Sept17th, or Sept 10th.  

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