Monday, September 10, 2018

Metric Mondays

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My week review posts are too long, so I'm breaking it up into straight numbers and progress updates/plan adjustments.  Today is straight plans.

Twitter Analytics 

Been active 24 days and I have 285 Tweets, 622 profile visits, 121 new followers, 55 mentions, and 25.1K impressions.

I've had a small drop in conversion only 19% of people who look at my profile follow me.  I am still gaining about 5 followers a day.  If this rate continues, that's 550 new follow by the end of 2018.

My Engagement is 2.8% this week, so I'm improving at a steady amount each week.

I post about 11 times a day.  I plan five posts and the others of responses or impromptu promotions.

Blog Stats

This blog is doing as expected.  I get about 20 views per day and am not seeing any interaction.  I'd like to see traffic grow over the next month to maybe 50 views a day.  Plus, I'd love comments.  Advice, thoughts, all feedback is good feedback at this point.

The North Alabama Writers' Group Blog is building more slowly.  Good news: got traffic every day of the week.  Bad news: 6 of the 7 days saw single digit traffic.  We average 3 visits a day with the high day giving us 11 views.

  The spam comments continue and it's annoying for me crawl through the 30ish comments every day.  What would be an improvement for this blog is for my group to come to the page and read the articles, comment on a few posts, and share a post or two with their social media.  I need a plan on how I will turn the blog around and it will be without the help of the group.  More on that later.

How are your metrics?  Are they where you want them?  Tell me more.

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