Monday, September 24, 2018

Metric Monday

My week review posts are too long, so I'm breaking it up into straight numbers and progress updates/plan adjustments.  Today is straight plans.   See the action plans I'm using to earn these numbers in previous posts.  Last Week's Tuesday Tell All!  and 8 Steps I'm Taking on Twitter.   I owe you all a blogging strategy, a creative writing strategy, and a book review plan.  Still working on that.

Twitter Analytics
I’ve been active on Twitter for 38 days.  Twitter Analytics gives the last 28 days for review.  From here on out, I’ll be comparing my current stats from stats where I was active on the platform.  I have 465 “lifetime” Tweets, but over the last 28 days I’ve had 364 posts, 601 profile visits, 95 mentions, and 116 new follows.

Conversion based on profile views is 19%, up a little but overall remaining steady.  I think I'm starting to settle into my niche and my growth may begin to slow.

My engagement remains a steady 3.3%.  

I post about 13 times a day.  I plan five posts and the others of responses or impromptu promotions.  Planning posts is a bit of a slog.  I didn't even step on Twitter Tuesdsy.  

I broke 2,000 views on Saturday and my top Tweet has 1,753 views and engagement of 3.3%.  It’s another Tweet from @wrtrstat in this one I asked if people write for fun or to explore themes.  I got three or four conversations from it and I tagged it in some writing circles.  

Blog Stats

This blog continues to put in work.  I got 53 views last week spread across 8 posts.  It’s not brag worthy, but this is a personal blog with more impressions, personal plans, and results.  I don’t expect it to be a traffic generator.  There’s value and casual interest in how a fellow blogger/aspiring writer is doing, but I don’t think there’s much interest when I don’t have name recognition.

The North Alabama Writers’ Group blog has 5 views this past week.  This is my fault.  I've got some great content on the blog but I haven't promoted it as I should.  

So talk to me!  What are your numbers?  What’s your social media strategy?  Are you counting anything else in your life and what does success look like?

1 comment:

  1. I hate counting :-)

    But, since you asked...

    My best Twitter engagement-rate-day in the last week was 5.5 %...

    My blog's doing "O.K."---August's visitor number was 101 and the total page views was 164...

    My Depressive Tendencies were down by about 20% and my Hopefulness was steady at a mean mid-average...

    Persistence continues to climb and Understanding is vacillating but upward-rising...