Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Progress Update: Blogs, Twitter, and Creative Writing

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Blog Updates:

I created two more blog posts for North Alabama Writers' Group one will post on Aug 22th and the next will post Aug 26th.  I've also collated my September Call for Submissions Post and it's scheduled to drop September 1st.

Ran through my older posts in the Writers' Group and added pictures to them from openclipart.org so they will be more tweet-able.

The response is still underwhelming.  3-19 views a day with no comments from people I don't know or interact with.  I'm not discouraged, the blog has only been on the scene for under a year AND we engaged other writers less than a week ago. I expect low numbers.

Resurrected this blog with a primary post yesterday. They viewed the post four times, which is far more views than expected give my lack of promotion.

  I filled out a page of blogs/services I follow because they keep me up to date on calls for submission and open publishers.  Have four solid links and am hoping to expand to ten links before publishing.

Continue working on it with an update/analytics post today and have two other ideas I'm fine tuning and will schedule later today.

Twitter Updates:

Twitter is very early in the campaign, but so far it seems to go well.  Thanks to  Hootsuite, I've got posts scheduled through Saturday.  My free account will take me up to 30 posts, with 21 lined up.  19 will still be in the queue Wed morning.

Twitter Analytics look amazing, but that's no surprise.  Resurrecting at three year dead account always looks promising at the start.  Still, 74 profile visits in 4 days is nothing to sniff at.  Added 20 followers, so a third of the people who looked at me followed.  Feels like progress.

My top tweet is funny if generic. and my second most popular tweet is a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon tweet.  First day is the most successful with diminishing returns on subsequent days.  I got 109 impression on Aug 20th with a Hugo Award announcement.

So far important, new, and funny gets the most eyes.  Seems blog posts and funny gets the most engagement.

Commun.it ssuggested about 74 people not to follow and I went through to delete anyone how hasn't posted sometime this year.  Annoying, but healthy to purge inactive accounts.  My follow to follower ratio is off and may come off as "desperate" even with all the unused accounts gone.  The only downside is now commun.it wants me to unfollow 90 more people, like it was encouraged by me taking some of its advice.  Guess what, I follow people cause I like the posts not because they follow me.

Commun.it also points out the most popular posts trending within my feed.  When possible, I comment or RT.  Also, commun.it suggests thanking accounts with high engagement, it's something I'm considering doing once a week to the top five accounts?  I don't know, feels very hokey and a little obvious.  

Looked up a ton of writers' hashtags and picked out 14 I like and will try to dip into.  From there I picked up themed posting and want to make certain I'm using days of the week hashtags.  Wrote myself a schedule and created a timer so I don't fall into the twitter abyss.

Writing Updates:

I put together full list of completed, in need of review, in progress, and ideas for stories.  The plans don't include a lot of creative writing until my vacation starts this Friday.  While writers' goals feel in order, I don't know what of these projects will strike my fancy while on vacation, so it's hard to set up any metrics surrounding the process.

 The main thrust of my work this week is knocking out all the basic social media junk so it will run on auto pilot while I'm working the story side.  At some point, the process will need fine tuning so I can manage both but that's a week away.

Last, I tried to sign up for a creative writing course, but it won't let me right now because "PayPal checkout is down".  Will revisit that tomorrow.

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