Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Companys with Good Writing Advise Blogs

Ordered alphabetically 

Apex Publishing: I love Apex Publishing.  They support new and emerging Scifi authors along with established authors.  They have open submission for their magazine and themed calls of submission.  They pay $.06 a word, they have awesome art and interesting themed prompts.  I guess you'd consider this blog inspiration fodder?

ProWritingAid: Beyond offering an AMAZING software series (see my personal experience here and also enjoy as I compare this service with peers) their blog suggesting other software applications, offering grammar/editing advise, and also supplying writing/plot structure is very enjoyable.

Scifi Monkeys: They have a lot of interesting reviews and conversations surrounding all current Scifi material.  They also hold a "Seasons" call for submissions for those looking to write/submit

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