Friday, June 24, 2016

So My Book is Written

Finally, after what feels like eternity, my book is completely written (well I say completely but the my mind flicks back to a possible three chapters that may need to be added)!    It's a been a joyous week of telling all eight of the people I know that I have a completed book and do they want to read it?  

Of course the work has just begun.  This past Tuesday I started writing and sending proposal letters to agents.  It makes me wish I were more consistently social because now I'm stuck cold calling and I better leave the most enticing pitch letter ever or no one will read.  How can something feel both like all my dreams are coming true and my worst nightmare at the same time.  How can I be so excited to write each new pitch and send it out to another agent and also completely dread hitting the send button.  There's always this sense that I'd have found some really convincing words if I'd just waited longer to send the pitch.

So far the process is more exhilarating than tedious.  I'm looking forward to recieving my first few rejections because that will put me closer to an acceptance.  I don't expect but I hope some of those rejections will come with corrective criticism.

Likewise, later I expect to be desperate or sad or bored or some other emotion but for right now, all I am is thrilled and I hope it lasts for at least the next six weeks or so.    

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